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London attractions

London is a city of cultural tourism, and one of its main attractions of London are its museums. This city has more than half a dozen top-notch museums worldwide, where we see works of art of incalculable value, after years of British overseas piracy. There are many monuments we should visit during our holidays in London. Once planning our visit, our recommendation is to choose an hotel next to London city center.

London Museums

The major museums in London that we can highlight are the Science Museum, British Museum or the Museum of Natural History, but  there are others, like the British National Army Museum, the Imperial War on the Maritime Museum or the National Gallery, all with works of incalculable value.

London Monuments

As for the monuments and landmark buildings in London, we must not forget the well known and famous Big Ben, not the London Bridge, the Houses of Parliament, Piccadilly Circus, the statue of Nelson in Trafalgar Square, Castle Windsor or Buckingham, Oxford Street, Tower Bridge ....

Every monument in London hides behind them an interesting story, so the statue is a tribute to Admiral Nelson, who died in the Battle of Trafalgar,  gives its name to the square in 1805.

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