London Holidays and UK travel tips

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London Holidays

London is a stunning city where a holiday is synonymous of fun, incredible journeys and especially is synonymous with many things to visit and tour. Enjoying a city like London is to have many things to do during holidays, London is a city where nature, history, culture, leisure and art come together to offer one of the best tourist offers Europe.  When getting to London it is a good idea to check for accommodation ahead of time and avoid surprises, check here the cheapest hotels in London.

Holidays in London

London things to do

There are hundreds of things to do in London, here we highlight some of them, such as a good english breakfast in a pub or restaurant for gathering strength for a day visiting museums like the Natural History Museum Science or British, or visiting historical monuments and buildings of London as Big Ben, Parliament, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace and the Cathedral of St. Paul among many other landmark buildings and monuments city.

Still in the cultural field, we can go to a performance at Covent Garden, or enjoy the views of the city of London that offers the giant London Eye ferris wheel.

Shopping in London

Leaving aside the culture, London is also a land of leisure, with possibilities of how shopping in Oxford Street or Bond Street, the two most luxurious shopping streets in London, or go to Portobello Market, where you will find things more affordable and best price.

London nightlife

At night, nothing better than to visit Soho, Chinatown, Piccadilly Circus with all its colors and animation, pubs, restaurants, nightclubs ... and enjoy the London night.

London attractions

Go to the zoo, or go to a football match in the premier league are other possibilities, though, if you wish, you can visit nearby cities to London, and cities of England or the United Kingdom that also have many attractions to visit .

Remember also to use at least once the London Underground, walk around the city by bus, cross the bridges, enjoy the sights, like the London Eye, enjoy its monuments, squares, parks like Hyde Park are a possibility for enjoying of this huge city during your vacation in London, a city where you will not have any trouble finding a hotel, apartment, house or a villa to stay.

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