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Transport in London

Transport in LondonThe prices to use the public transport in London are the highest in Europe, although we have numerous options, being perhaps the tube one of the most popular specially amongst the tourists that visit the city.

The tube

The London Underground has 11 lines and has one of the longest lines in the world, it practically has stops in any of the destinations we wish to go to in London.

The Underground is commonly known in London as the ‘tube’ and its price can go from 4.30 pounds for 3 zones up to 7.50 pounds for 9 zones that run every few minutes.London is divided into 9 zones that start in the centre.

The majority of the tourist attractions are situated in zone 1 and 2, while Heathrow airport is situated in zone 6.

Buses in London

The famous red double-decker buses aren’t the quickest way of transport but it’s a great way of touring around the centre of London.

London’s network of buses has around 4000 bus lines and the price for a simple ticket is approximately 2,20 pounds, being highly recommendable to get hold of a travel card or an Oyster card for the lowest cost.

The main lines have night buses running 24 hours a day, they are identified with the letter ‘N’.

Taxis in London

The taxis in London are amongst the most expensive in Europe, not everyone that visits London during their holidays can afford them and they have a capacity for up 5 people as well as the driver.

The price can vary depending on the day of the week and the times, for example:

The taxi also has supplements:

Transport cards in London

It’s highly recommendable to use , busa travel card in London, being the Oyster card the best option for the residents with a top-up system, and the travel card for the travellers interested in using the tube and the public transport unlimitedly with cards that have a duration from 1 day up to 1 week and different zones, being the cheapest option of approximately 7 pounds.

Airports in London - Transport

Below some of the most important airports in London and how to get from and to the airports:

Heathrow airport

Gatwick airport

London Stansted airport

Stansted airport is the third most important in London, bearing in mind its number of passengers and has connections with the centre of London via buses, trains or by road if you prefer to use a taxi or your own rental vehicle in Stansted.

Amongst the main ways of transport at Stansted airport we must highlight:

National Express, that operates trains from Stansted to Cambridge, Birmingham, Norwich, Harwich and other cities situated to the east of England.

Stansted Express, which we will mention further on, connects Stansted airport with the financial centre of london (Liverpool Street), from where you can take the tube until St. Pancras. It’s a fast train that runs every 15 minutes and takes 45 minutes until Liverpool street and 25 minutes until Tottenham Hale, from where you can take the tube to connect with other destinations in the centre of London.

To get to the train station you must head to the lowest part of the main terminal.

The bus is another one of the main ways of transport with a 24 hour service, 7 days a week. The destination is Victoria station in London and we will find the airport’s station opposite the entrance of the main terminal.

Luton airport

London city airport

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