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This city of London, as the capital of England and the UK, is situated on the shores of the river Thames and was founded in the year 43 by the roman empire, known back then as Londinium, hasn't stopped growing since then at an unstoppable pace but preserving its essence and part of its history, still being able to find today in the city centre its old medieval limits.

London is distinguished for its multiculturalism, a city where over 300 languages are spoken and where its public transport network, being amongst the largest in the world, will allow us to reach any point of the city we wish to visit. Another one of the city’s distinctions is its oceanic mild climate with an average temperature during the winter of 4º and 18º during the summer months.

London main areas

London is one of the most visited capitals in the world and has numerous tourist attractions all around its regions, that are pided into:

London airports

In London we will find 6 airports from where we can take flights to many international destinations:

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