Rio De Janeiro Carnival and Brazil travel tips

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Rio de Janeiro Carnival

Have you ever visited Rio?, have you experienced the most popular carnival worldwide?. Come with us to one of the most famous carnivals and enjoy the beauty and the magic from this carnival. For those who wonder about transport, the public transport is not much recommended so car hire Rio de Janeiro would be a great choice for your holiday planning. Get to Brazil, get to Rio and experience the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro.

Most of the more interesting festivals take place in the street and are open to the public, is the "carnival da rua". In the street there are several "blocos" which are groups of musicians who take to the streets to march and play their instruments. Anyone who wants to follow the bloco and dancing around. In these blocos may be dozens of musicians, mainly percussion, and hundreds or thousands of people accompanying.

Keep in mind that the best blocos parade in the morning, so I should get up early to bed early as possible. From 9 or 10 am start to concentrate.

Rio Carnival recommendations and tips

During the party you should drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated, use sunscreen and a hat or similar head protection.

During the carnival is typical mainly buy food and drink, to the vendors. The most common drink is beer, but also caipirinha (Sacolas test), soft drinks and water.

There are hot dogs, corn, tapioca, barbecue (try the breaded with salchichao farofa), mixed cheese coalho, churros stuffed, etc.

Rio Carnival requires company of friends. It is not necessary, but always enjoy good company over the carnival. Even if you're traveling alone you will also have opportunity to meet people on the street or in the lodge where you stay. The truth is that people in Rio are very hospitable and if you will only be easier to join in any group.

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