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Florida's favorite attraction is the huge variety of entertainment for the whole family, with a very popular center around Disney World near Orlando. This is the number one for vacation destination throughout the United. States. In Florida the beautiful sandy beaches and warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico are the second most popular attraction. Golf, tennis, fishing and other outdoor activities are also very popular especially during the summer months when they are available in the climates of northern regions.

There is a 7 mile bridge to the Gulf of Mexico with the Atlantic Ocean on our right and left. There are no words to describe the vast ocean view that intense turquoise Caribbean on both sides dotted with small islands covered with trees and palms. Without any doubt car hire Florida will bring you more than one beautiful view from this State

Miami is a vibrant city on the Atlantic coast, with a distinctly Latin American atmosphere. Its neighborhood "Little Havana" where its many Hispanic residents create an enclave of South American and Caribbean culture in the United States. The Visitor Complex Kennedy Space Center and Launch Station from Cape Canaveral are along the East Coast, near Orlando. Those are also popular destinations for tourists. A little further north, the historic city of St. Augustine is one of the oldest colonies in North America.

Daytona Beach in the northern Pacific coast of Panama City on the coast of the panhandle is the most popular destination during the festivities of "Spring Break" in March. Hundreds of thousands of college students have their holidays at this time and travel to these two cities for several weeks to parties on the beaches for 24 hours a day. If you like wild parties, you'll want to visit these places. If you are in a quiet family vacation, this is a place to avoid during the month of March.

There are plenty of hotels in Orlando, Miami and Key West to fit your budget. Get your accommodation close to the most popular attractions in Florida to enjoy the most your visit, what will be your choice?

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