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Most U.S. tourists and many other parts of the world visit the Central Florida area. The most popular place in Florida is of course Disney World, which is the largest amusement park in the world. Located at the south of Orlando in Central Florida, Disney World is surrounded by many other theme parks with for the whole family, including Sea World or Universal Studio and other attractions too numerous to name them all. If you really want to explore and enjoy Florida we recommend the car hire Florida option. All those attractions provide the largest amusement park across the globe, a really must visit place for holidays.

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The southern of Florida is a tropical jungle and a swamp area. Everglades National Park covers almost the entire southern of the peninsula from Miami and Naples. It also has huge wet grasslands with tropical islands and open water areas or gaps. This vast area is full of insects, wild birds, lizards, snakes and other wildlife.

There is an archipelago of islands a hundred miles (160 km) called Florida Keys that extends southward from the tip of the peninsula and enters the Gulf of Mexico. There are a number of bridges and tunnels in 90 miles (150 km) long connecting the islands to the town of Key West, at the southern end. Here is the only tropical reef in North America. This is truly a paradise for lovers of diving and fishing with many resorts and hotels for the tourists.

The Florida Panhandle also known as West Florida is a narrow portion of land extending east from the northern part of the peninsule. Bounded to the north by Alabama and to the south with the beaches of the Gulf Coast. This is the least commercialized area of Florida and less tourist oriented. It has beautiful white sand beaches and warm shallow waters, but few facilities for tourists. This part of Florida attract permanent residents or seasonal residents and offers more rental houses hotels. Panama City is the only city which turned to tourism throughout the Panhandle of Florida and is famous for its festivities during "Spring Break" in the month of March.

Many older people move to Florida to enjoy the warm weather and enjoy recreational activities available throughout the year. Some have summer homes in northern states, near their children and grandchildren, but migrate to Florida every year during the winter months. Florida natives call them "Snow Birds."

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Florida is also a favorite State to millions of Americans traveling during the winter months, when they want to escape the freezing temperatures of the northern states and Canadian provinces. During the summer months, many families with children in school holidays come to meet the tropical heat of Florida and to visit the entertainment complex of Walt Disney World. A good time to visit this semi-tropical land in the early spring when temperatures are warm but not too hot. Experienced visitors avoid traveling to Florida during the late summer and autumn, when there are more chances that a tropical storm or hurricane could ruin your holidays in Florida.

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