Savannah Things to do and Georgia travel tips

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Things to do in Savannah

Although Savannah is famous because of the book "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil", the most famous place is the Savannah city center, known as the National Historic Landmark. There are many historical places in the city, each of them telling us a story about the old days in Savannah. Besides that, there are several interesting and historic churches and synagogues to visit.

This river town of Georgia is also the place to go for parties, with a great nightlife in Savannah variable and rich thanks to the students of the Georgia State University. Shopping in Savannah is also worthwhile, with art and literature for sale as well as antiques and modern amenities. As additional entertainment, to travel through the city, try the river cruise in Savannah, or play a round at one of the golf courses in Savannah. For those looking for a sunny day, the nearby Tybee Hilton Head Island offers nice beaches as well as water sports and golf courses in Savannah.

Savannah is easily accessible by air, flying to Savannah is possible from many U.S. airports. If you want to travel to Savannah by land, road and rail connections are available from New York and Miami. Moving inside the city on foot is easy, but buses and trams are also available as local transport. If you want to tour the area, try to rent a car in Savannah or booking a river cruise. Taxis are of course also available.

Savannah is a popular tourist destination. The historical atmosphere of the city is present in the hotel scene in Savannah and in the many restaurants in Savannah, where you can smell the history of the city. As for the nightlife and shopping, will have plenty of opportunities in this riverside city in the south. Although Savannah has crime, is a fairly safe tourist destination as long as you stay within the downtown area and avoid walking alone in Savannah at night.

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