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Savannah is located at the top of Georgia, about 100 miles of coastline. Savannah has more than 1,000 restored buildings form the 2-mile historic district. Many of those buildings are open to the public and thanks to these great and long visits Savannah has become a major world city where having the best walking tours.

Its architecture is intriguing. About half of the 2,500 buildings that you can find in Savannah have strong historical and architectural roots. The many architectural styles you will see in Savannah are mainly: Georgian, Gothic, Italian Renaissance, federal and Romanesque.

Savannah tour

We recommend you to take a good walking tour through Savannah streets. In the historic district, you will find a large number of places that are quite different from each other. All places in Savannah have a story to tell. Thanks to the famous book by John Berendt "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" and the film which was filmed by Clint Eastwood based on the book, the city began to attract many eccentric travelers looking for the places mentioned in the book and film.

If you want to discover the nature of Savannah, it is best to get close to the coast. You can enjoy a day exploring the area by kayak or canoe. Also, what you can do is give you a long walk under the great canopy of huge oak trees that you will find throughout the area. It is a good idea to rent a car in Savannah for driving to the Coast or any other interesting place, there is much to explore!

If you are in Atlanta right now, it absolutely worth driving to Savannah from Atlanta, as it is a beautiful and unique city. Savannah is completely different from Atlanta, I could say that Savannah has something special, it is a charming city. Altanta car hire may be the choice if you do not have your own vehicle and your planning include coming from Atlanta to Savannah or a first stop in Atlanta.

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