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Honolulu Transport

To get from Honolulu airport to downtown have to take buses number 19 or 20 at the arrivals terminal from Honolulu airport. You can also pickup your Honolulu car rental at the airport or in Downtown if you booked in advance from us.

Honolulu getting around:

Once in Honolulu have several options for getting around the island:

Car rental in Honolulu is a good option if you would like to enjoy the city and you're interested also in discovering all of the island. Oahu is the only one with 4 interstate highways so getting around is relatively comfortable and easy. With a map of the island you will have no problem.

Public transport: taxis and buses are two good choices to move within the city. Each bus ticket costs $2 but it is possible to buy a four days ticket for $20 or $40 for a monthly bonus. The only drawback is that public transport is quite slow, so take it easy. The bus tour is perfect for an overview of Honolulu.

If you have a more relaxed plan for a day to enjoy the sun and the beach a good option is to rent a bike in Honolulu and ride along the shores of Waikiki. Bike rental for a day costs about $20.

If on the other hand, in addition to Honolulu and the island of Oahu, you're interested in any other island in Hawaii, there are relatively cheap domestic flights from Honolulu and with the possibility of good discounts depending on the number of trips. Regional carriers Aloha Airlines, Island Air and Hawaiian Airlines offer continuous links between the major islands. The approximate cost of a local flight is about $150.

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