Las Vegas Attractions and Nevada travel tips

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Las Vegas Attractions

The answer to what to see in Las Vegas and the best attractions in Las Vegas can be completely different depending on who answer the question: Many people say that there is not much to see in Las Vegas, while others, where we include, believe that every corner of the city is worth admiring. We recommend a car rental in Las Vegas for getting the most from the visit.The first thing you should do as most other tourists do is to tour the most famous hotels and casinos. Just visiting the main casinos can take several days, are all the hotels in Las Vegas and casinos are great and impressive.

Sightseeing in Las Vegas

Two areas that define the city, the Strip and Fremont Street.

Las Vegas Strip

The Strip in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Strip is the most important street of the city. A 24-hour living area where we can f ind the most famous casinos and hotels in Las Vegas.

Freemont Street

Freemont Street

Fremont Street was not until the nineties the most popular area in Las Vegas. Now relegated to second place is still a must-see.

Tours and Excursions from Las Vegas

Outdoor enthusiasts will find on the outskirts of Las Vegas points of interest:

Hoover Dam

Built in the 30's has been one of the most important engineering works in history. Currently supplies electricity to Arizona, Nevada and southern California.

Lake Mead

Created with the construction of Hoover Dam is the largest artificial lake in the United States. Annually receives more than nine million visitors.

Valley of Fire

With rock formations more than 150 million years, the incredible scenery of the "Valley of Fire" is the set of films like Total Recall and Transformers.

Red Rock Canyon

If you have car and you like nature you're in luck, Red Rock Canyon is located just 32 miles from Las Vegas and offers a stunning landscape.

Grand Canyon

Without any doubt, the Grand Canyon is the most important trip from Las Vegas, shows the power of nature in a striking landscape.

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