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Las Vegas Nevada

Las Vegas is a good stating point for anyone who wants to explore the American Southwest as it is centrally located between some of the most important natural attractions in the USA, as the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park. McCarran Airport has nearly 500 flights a day arriving from domestic and international destinations, so access to the city is convenient and often economical. Tourists and visitors usually choose car hire in Las Vegas for a better transportation option and for making the tours by theirselves.

The surrounding desert landscape is stark and bleak but strangely beautiful. Red Rock Canyon, just 20 miles west of the city, like a Hollywood set for a cowboy movie. Boulder Dam and Lake Mead, located just 25 miles east of the city provides a high-contrast image, with its deep blue waters amid stark rock formations, dry and hard. About 60 miles north, the Valley of Fire offers unique opportunities for hiking and volcanic landscape in an environment filled with contorted rock formations, lava fields...

About Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada is a vibrant, pulsating, and the playground in the world largest adult. It's a huge community built in the Mojave Desert in Nevada, with the specific purpose of being an oasis of entertainment and gambling for money to residents of Los Angeles seeking a little excitement in the post-war era .. On the main street, Las Vegas strip, is a black glass pyramid which rises more than a hundred feet above the desert floor, with a replica of the Sphinx of size larger than the real. Across the street is a skyline of New York City, including Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty. After those, you can see a replica of the Eifel Tower built on a scale of half of the original, a near full sized replica of the Piazza San Marco in Venice and a big volcano which erupts approximately every 30 minutes. When in Las Vegas, you often ask yourself, "Is this really a city, or am in a fantastic amusement park on another planet?"

In Las Vegas there are hundreds of entertainment events each night, like the famous Stage Shows in Las Vegas, major sporting events, performances by world famous artists. In addition, there are hundreds of shows under music, dance and comedy in other bars, clubs and entertainment centers to the city. It seems that this city never sleeps. The frivolity continues all night and serious players continue their pursuit of riches until well after dawn and a new day.

Las Vegas Tours

There are tours departing from Las Vegas to many points of interest, check our page for Las Vegas attractions.

Grand Canyon National Park, one of the great natural wonders of the world, is only 150 miles east of Las Vegas. The car trip to the Visitors Center South Rim is 300 miles by road, while the Far West, although not as impressive, is 150 miles from downtown Las Vegas. National Park Death Valley is to the west, 150 miles of travel by car and can travel on a day trip from Las Vegas. Zion National Park is to the northeast, 150 miles of travel and Bryce Canyon is about 80 miles away. If you do not want to drive to all attractions, there are many types of tours that take you to visit these great natural wonders, whether by bus, plane or helicopter.

If you want to visit Las Vegas for a few days, just to get away from the gaming tables by a day or even half day to see some of the spectacular scenery of the Southwest. There are numerous tours departing from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Zion National Park, Boulder Dam, Lake Mead, Valley of Fire and other interesting places. The tours can be by plane, helicopter, bus, van, jeep or even hummer. Usually the operators of these tours pick you at your hotel, take you for your guided tour of the attraction of your choice and bring it back to his hotel that day. This is a very convenient way to see the fabulous scenery in a very short time. Naturally, you can rent a car in Las Vegas and tour these fabulous places yourself.

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