Las Vegas Nightlife and Nevada travel tips

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Nightclubs in Las Vegas nightlife

While the nightlife of Las Vegas is a great experience, getting into the pubs there is usually plenty of restrictions on clothing, to avoid problems, children must respect a basic rule: wear shoes and shirt. The girls dont use to have problems entering the pubs. Also remember that in Las Vegas you must be 21 to drink or go out to nightclubs.

In 1930, Frank Detra took a chance and opened the first nightclub in Las Vegas: Pair O 'Dice. Located in what was known at that time as the new route to Los Angeles (now we call Las Vegas Strip), the club was only open at night. In addition to the jazz ensembles and performers, the Pair O 'Dice served Italian food. Most notable is that the establishment had a history of closures and reopenings because he had gambling tables before the city legalized gambling and alcoholic beverages served during the era of Prohibition. Nine years later, Frank Detra sold the Pair O 'Dice being renamed it the 91 Club. Let's going to review some of the most important places in Las Vegas nightlife:

Las Vegas nightclubs

Las Vegas remains the destination which "has something for everyone" and the same fact is true for its nightlife. From nightclubs which development is based on a theme and staying open until dawn to the new wave of stylish bars, ultra chic pubs that range in "The Strip", visitors know that when you go out at night in Las Vegas, it is an experience you will not forget. Below are some reasons:

Tao nightclub in Las Vegas

You may love the Tao nightclub or hate it, that is the Tao nightclub reviews looks like. Price is not cheap but expensive, and is very popular.

Tabu at the MGM Grand

Is one of the last ultra bars appeared on the Strip. The bar has advanced technology. Guests interact with images projected on the boards on their desks. The images include water, paper clips and other ethereal figures that move around the table to move a hand.

ICE Las Vegas

Is the largest independent nightclub in the city with 17,000 square feet. The self-proclaimed "Meta_Club" (meta is short for metamorphosis, a reference to the changing interior of the club) has the sound system Funktion-One's largest, with 100,000 watts of sound.

Not to be confused with ICE Las Vegas, the Icehouse is at the heart of Las Vegas. The restaurant of $5 million and 12,800 square feet has a South Beach atmosphere, Florida, with its art deco exterior and a waterfall on the side of the building. Open 24 hours, the Icehouse is on the same ground as historic refrigerator Pacific Fruit Express Co. that served to Las Vegas and the Union Pacific Railroad. The plant was built in the early 1900s and demolished in 1988.

Caramel, the Bellagio

In Caramel, the Bellagio, specialty drinks are served in martini glasses coated with chocolate and caramel. Red Square at Mandalay Bay not only offers over 100 types of vodka, it also keeps cold drinks in the bar made of ice.

JW Marriott's Plush Lounge

JW Marriott's Plush Lounge is the new trendy bar in Las Vegas, decorated in velvet and with two large dance tracks. Plush also has an outdoor area which is surrounded by ponds, waterfalls and pools.

OPM restaurant

Located in the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, is above Chinois, restaurant with Asian and French influence of Wolfgang Puck. OPM Chinois serves food at all hours of the night.

Crustacean restaurant

Throughout the day, Crustacean is the renowned restaurant known for its Euro-Asian cuisine of the An. family. By night, the lavishly decorated restaurant becomes Prana, a nightclub of 18,000 square feet, complete with dances, shows and a variety of bars VIP Vietnamese former opium beds and corridors lit by torches.

Luxor's RA nightclub

Luxor's RA is still one of the best nightclubs to hear the DJ of the world's major cities, including London, Berlin, Amsterdam, New York and South Beach, Fla.

The Studio 54

MGM Grand, the namesake of New York nightclub of the 70s and 80s that defined an era, was recently named "Best Place to Dance" for the readers' poll 2003 issue of Las Vegas Weekly and Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Coyote Ugly bar

Another legendary New York bar that is now in Las Vegas is Coyote Ugly at New York-New York and is complete with waitresses who are not afraid to dance above the bar and talk openly with customers.

Other nightclubs in Las Vegas nightlife

The nightclubs like Curve at the Aladdin and Risque in Paris have outdoor balconies and allow customers to take some fresh air while enjoying the sights and sounds of Las Vegas Strip.

Do not let the name Rain in the Desert fool you. The Palms nightclub has luxurious special effects throughout the club three stories high. In addition to fog, water, lightning, rivers of fire shoot up intermittently above the dance floor. The survey of the magazine Las Vegas Review-Journal Best of Las Vegas "(better than Las Vegas) recently named the place" Best Nightclub "(best nightclub).

Have fun with a panoramic view, several properties in Las Vegas bars and lounges are more than 50 stories high, including the VooDoo Lounge at Rio on the 51st floor and the Ghost Bar at the Palms on floor 55.

One of the biggest micro breweries in the nation, the Monte Carlo Pub & Brewery, is located in the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino.

Prices of clubs in Las Vegas and how to get for free

The price to enter any of the clubs in Las Vegas is usually between $20 and $40 for the guys, and between $10 and $20 for the girls. For getting for free into the nightclubs in Las Vegas we have a few options:

VIP passes and guest lists are valid only until 12 pm.

Another option is to be a group of girls or to have many girls into the group for discounts. If you are into a large male group you will have to pay the full price.

Las Vegas nightclubs websites

Some nightclubs below in Las Vegas:

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