New York Public transport and New York travel tips

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New York public transport

Find below some useful information about public transport in New York city.

MTA card


The MTA (Metropolitan Transit Authority) is the private entity that manages public transport services.
The MetroCard is a magnetic card to use the metro or bus. There are two types:
Pay-Per-Ride where you should bear the number of trips to be undertaken, bearing in mind that the trip is priced at $ 2 and the minimum charge is $ 4.
Unlimited Ride MetroCard, this method has no limit travel and paid by the number of days of use, 1 day $ 7, 7 days $ 24 30 days $ 76.
The card is activated the first time use and can be purchased at subway stations, at Grand Central Terminal or the tourist office of 7th Avenue.

New York subway

With 490 stations, the Metro New York is one of the largest in the world. The service operates all year round 24 hours a day. To access it you must purchase a magnetic card called MetroCard. There are two types of trains, locals who stop at all stations and express stop at major stations. The type of train is marked both on the platform as the carriages. In all metro stations have an information panel with maps and schedules. The metro is very safe during the day and dangerous and unwise for the night.

New York Bus

Just as the subway, the bus runs throughout the year, 24 hours a day, carrying more than 200 routes in all five boroughs. To use it, you need a MetroCard or exact amount of $ 2 in coins.

Bus stops are close to street corners and marked with a blue post in which travel information is found, the various buses that stop there and the schedule. To facilitate access, the vehicle may fall to the sidewalk level, besides having lifts in the rear doors for the disabled.

If you use MetroCard type pay-per-ride, will be implemented a free shuttle to check your card on the bus, for use within the next two hours by bus or metro.

New York taxis

The taxis are already part of the image of New York. The legally authorized by the Taxi and Limousine Commission of New York, are yellow and may take official stands, or anywhere in the city of hands. On the roof of the vehicle is an indicator light showing whether the taxi is free (enlightened) or busy (off). Also indicate whether it is out of service through a pilot with "off-duty.

The rate of lowering the flag is $ 2.50, each 300 meters and 40 cents each minute of waiting 20 cents. This rate is increased with a surcharge of 50 cents from 8 pm till 6 am. It is customary to leave a tip of 15-20% of the total. Most taxi drivers are immigrants and you may have to tell him how to reach the destination. The driver is obliged to you anywhere in the city.

New York water taxi

The Water Taxi is a new public transport service which covers the Upper, Central, Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn through a ferry by the Hudson and East Rivers. Currently completing ten stops at different piers in the city. The cost is $ 5 for moving to the next stop and $ 10 for travel to any stop. You can also benefit from their bond, unlimited travel for one day.

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