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New York climate and weather

America is not an easy territory in the climate issue, USA is regularly hit by cyclones, hurricanes and typhoons that give to the United States an air of adventure. New York, is somehow an exception. Its strategic location and its city status moist away from many natural disasters that invade other areas of the country.

New York is the city of a thousand faces and climate, in this respect is no exception. We enjoy the city in many ways, the streets covered with snow in winter or the warm summer temperatures from June.

From October to February is important to wear gloves, scarf and a hat, something that tourists often forget in warm countries. If the winter is very cold, we recommend you to visit a store or mall, the heating is very strong in almost all indoor and tourists can recover heat to resume their stroll a few minutes later. New York is a city on the Atlantic Banande, that defines it as a moist and variable climate. Often it has days with moderate rainfall but rarely rains with intensity. In summer you can match some of the heat waves that reach 30 to 35 degrees.

New York location

The City of New York is located on the east coast of the United States of America to approximately 1000 miles to the north of Florida and to 200 miles to the south of Boston in Massachusetts. It is on the end of the River Hudson. Most of the city is constructed on several big islands. The Island of Manhattan and the Staten Island are in the Hudson River. Long Island is approximately 100 miles sea inside, in the Atlantic Ocean.

The ground that surrounds the City of New York is a part of the east continental mass, so it has to be a sandy area. As we get into, the area changes, and soft low hills appear. There are sandy beaches in Long Island and on New Jersey coast , towards the south.
For many miles to the region, the City of New York is a very urbanized zone, with a lot of residential properties and industrial developments.
The city of New York is on the Coast of the Atlantic Ocean, but the domineering climate is determined by the continental mass. Normally the ocean does not affect too much, so the summers are very warm and the winters very cold. The temperatures during the months of July often reach 85 F (30 C) and can go down to -20 or -10 F (C) during January.

New York Weather prediction

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