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Low cost flights guide

Air travel is always an experience, and we must consider some issues before embarking ...That's why here's a guide to travel by air with some tips to make your trip more enjoyable and comfortable.

Airlines at airport

The first thing you have to do is to prepare the travel ... That is, once you've planned your trip, chosen the destination and reserved the hotel or apartment by browsing the best hotels and flights offers; at that moment you may know your flight number what would be needed when you rent a car at any airport and for checking in before taking the flight. It would be convenient to write the flight number in a place you would not forget!

Flight number

Why is it so necessary to remember the flight number? You will need it for check in, to find more easily your airport gate and then claim your luggage! Also, many countries impose to fill several forms, where you must provide the flight number. Another reason why is necessary to save the flight number is because the airlines do not have a single flight to a single destination.

Flight numbers are also used for airport transfers and limousine services at the airport. They may need to provide your flight numbe when booking any of those services or when renting a car online, so they can know if there is a delay or when your flight arrives to the airport to be waiting there for you.

Airport arrivals

The arrival at the airport is always a separate issue. Normally you should get to the airport 2 hours before your flight departure, so you allow a few time to perform all the previous steps as the check in hand luggage, pass through security, etc! Other factors like city traffic may generate a delay, even more if it is not your own city. That is why it is always good to take the necessary precautions! Can you imagine what would happen if you miss your flight?

Important elements to keep on board

Let us move on to another topic ... What should we bring with us to the flight? Definitely, according to the personality and tastes of the person, the important elements to keep on board vary. But there are always some elements which we consider should be ever present as a good book. It is obvious that the airline will offer some type of entertainment such as movies and music on board. However if you do not like the movie or you are tired of listening to music then you will have option to read the book.

What to bring with you to the flight also depends on the flight use to be cold on the floor area because the air conditioning, so we don´t recommend to wear sandals and to sleep when possible before the arrival to your airport destination.

We know that insomnia is a disease that haunts many people, try to soothe, relax and avoid the noise with earplugs. This way you will not mind the noise of the nearby seats (especially when there are children on board)! Let us also wear a mask to cover our eyes from the light and thus have a pleasant moment of sleep! .Not everyone can afford a first class flight seat, but if you can...I highly recommend it, even more for long time flights.

What kind of clothes should I bring?

Most of the time the aircraft air conditioning is quite cold, so it is advisable to wear pants instead of shorts and a sweater if you feel cold! Of course it is absurd to go to extremes and wear coats or jackets for rain. Remember that you're on fliying in a plane not with a plane!

Getting into the plane

Once we enter the plane, do it with care and patience, do not worry seats are numbered, do not have to hurry, no one will take your place and you will not be left without a space!

You have enough time to accommodate your belongings!

Flights food

It's time to talk about food in a flight. If you have any special preference (vegetarian or kosher) you should let the airline know in advance. Nobody is a fortune teller to know your requirements in advance. If you are thirsty, do not worry you can ask for water, soft drinks, coffee and others along the way!

Flights bathrooms

What we can advise about the bathrooms in a plane? Well, if you want to avoid the queues do not wait for the moment where all airplane passengers choose to use it all at the same time: After the movie finish, after dinner or before landing! A good tip is to use the toilets when the movie is running (or while the credits are shown if you do not want to miss the movie), another option is to enter the toilet before meals or immediately after you finish.

If you are hiperactive, we recommend you to reserve the flight seat not beside the window.

Flight landing

Finally let's talk about landing. This moment is very tiring for many passengers. To avoid pressure in the ears, yawning helps a lot. Try the following technique: Open your mouth and inhale and exhale on. Some airlines offer sweets just before landing to help you get this through the saliva and thus relieve the pressure in the ears.

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