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Hotels in Las Vegas

Las Vegas HotelsIn Las Vegas there are hundreds of entertainment events every night, globally important sporting events or performances by famous artists. In addition, there are hundreds of shows in bars, clubs and entertainment centers. It seems that this city never sleeps. There are accommodation offers for every taste, quiet non-casino hotels or luxury casino hotels, make your hotel choice and enjoy Las Vegas.

Luxury hotels in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is famous mainly for its fabulous Casinos with great decorations, their brilliant performances and luxurious hotels. If you look for glamorous and luxurious hotels, hotels casinos are the best places to stay in Las Vegas. If you are looking for cheap hotels with very low prices, you may find one among the casino hotels.

Quiet and cheap hotels in Las Vegas

Casinos located at the north end of the Strip or at the main street in the center of town or away from the main road often offer real bargains in their room rates. On the other hand, if you want to stay away from the tourist crowds and away from major attractions, you will want to stay in one of the quietest non-casino hotels.

Quiet hotels in Las Vegas are recommended for those who are not looking for casinos but to explore the city and make some tours. Price use to be cheaper and you may be able to afford a cheap car hire in Las Vegas.

Casino hotels in Las Vegas

The newer hotels, the most spectacular and famous hotels in Las Vegas are located at the southern end of Las Vegas Boulevard, also known as the "Strip". All are within a few miles from McCarran International Airport. Each casino has a particular design or motif, a large casino can easily have thousands of gaming machines and hundreds of gaming tables. Even the smaller casinos have more than 2000 rooms. Each of these casinos have large pools, numerous restaurants and a variety of theaters for shows. Some have facilities for health and beauty, wedding chapels and promotional packages for golf.

If you are looking for a fantasy vacation in Las Vegas, stay at one of these luxurious palaces. Prices range from expensive to moderate, with some real hotel bargains in Las Vegas if you take your time while searching for the best hotel to fit your budget and needs.

Check our hotels and prices using our quote above, we have pictures and hotel reviews from customers in Las Vegas.

Cheap hotels in Las Vegas Nevada

Compare prices and avaibility for your holidays and find the cheapest discount hotels in Las Vegas. We are comparing in real time for you the prices for the cheapest hotels in Las Vegas . Low prices does not mean low quality, check our online list and check the hotels prices and pictures.

Below are a list of some of our best rated economy and cheap hotels in Las Vegas. (The hotel list is ordered based on cheaper price and customer satisfaction)

By selecting the cheapest hotels in Las Vegas, it is possible to find also long term accommodation in Las Vegas for your long term holidays, even when your budget is limited. Long term hotels in Las Vegas is possible using our online comparison tool.

5 Star Luxury hotels and accommodation in Las Vegas

If you can afford a luxury hotel in Las Vegas why not searching for the best? We can provide a large selection of luxury hotels in Las Vegas for everyone. Find below the most luxury and best rated hotels by our customers (sorted by price and customer satisfaction):

Hotels in front of the beach or next to the city center, our selection of high quality and luxury hotels are for those who want the best accommodation. Usually luxury hotels are located in special locations like the city center, next to monuments or to the beach with beautiful views from Las Vegas; without any doubt a luxury hotel in Las Vegas is a great experience you should not miss.

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